I am a neuroscientist and sleep researcher in the Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkeley (Prof. Matt Walker's lab). My research examines how sleep — or the lack of it — impacts human health. My work has been featured in several major news media and podcasts.

In addition, I joined Oura in 2020 as a ML algorithm engineer and sleep advisor. There, I have been co-leading the development of the next generation of sleep algorithms.

Beyond sleep, my domains of expertise include machine learning & signal processing, particularly when applied to polysomnography and/or wearable physiological data (e.g. EEG, ECG, PPG, HRV). Part of my research aims at discovering new sleep biomarkers of various human diseases — including diabetes, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

I firmly believe in open science. I am the creator and core maintainer of several open-source libraries in Python, which are used by thousands across the globe: Pingouin (statistics, +500k downloads & taught in several universities), YASA (automatic sleep staging) and AntroPy (complexity of time-series).

In my free time, you can find me enjoying precious moments with my amazing wife and daughter, playing music, or hiking with friends in beautiful California.


  • Education

2018-Present Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Human Sleep Science (Walker lab), University of California, Berkeley
2014-17 PhD in Neuroscience, with honors, Lyon 1 University, France
2012-14 Master degree in Neuroscience, cum laude, Lyon 1 University, France
2009-12 Bachelor degree of Cognitive Sciences, summa cum laude (ranked 1st), Lyon 2 University, France
  • Expertise

Software development Python, R, Matlab, cloud-computing, Git, Docker
Signal processing Polysomnography (EEG, EKG), structural and functional MRI, accelerometer, photoplethysmography (PPG), heart rate variability (HRV)
Data science Machine-learning, statistical modeling, data processing and visualization
  • Teaching

Machine-learning in Python, graduate level (UC Berkeley)
Mentoring of several undergraduate and postgraduate students (UC Berkeley)
Neurobiology, undergraduate level (Lyon University)
Ethics in medicine, medical school (Lyon University)
Neuro-imaging (fMRI), graduate level (Lyon University)


Please find below a list of selected publications (last updated June 2022)
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Software development

Please visit my GitHub repository for an exhaustive list of the projects/softwares that I am contributing to.


Pingouin is an open-source Python package for statistics. It is built on top of Pandas and NumPy and provides high-level functions to perform the most common statistical tests. Learn more on the documentation or check the code on GitHub


YASA (Yet Another Spindle Algorithm) is an open-source Python package for sleep analysis. It implements several state-of-the-art and validated algorithms to score sleep stages, detect spindles & slow-waves, and calculate features from sleep polysomnography recordings. Learn more on the documentation or check the code on GitHub


Please find below some tutorials regarding the analyses I specialize in.

EEG bandpower

Compute the average bandpower of an EEG signal in Python.