API reference


app_entropy(x[, order, metric])

Approximate Entropy.

hjorth_params(x[, axis])

Calculate Hjorth mobility and complexity on given axis.

lziv_complexity(sequence[, normalize])

Lempel-Ziv (LZ) complexity of (binary) sequence.

num_zerocross(x[, normalize, axis])

Number of zero-crossings.

perm_entropy(x[, order, delay, normalize])

Permutation Entropy.

sample_entropy(x[, order, metric])

Sample Entropy.

spectral_entropy(x, sf[, method, nperseg, ...])

Spectral Entropy.

svd_entropy(x[, order, delay, normalize])

Singular Value Decomposition entropy.

Fractal dimension


Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA).

higuchi_fd(x[, kmax])

Higuchi Fractal Dimension.

katz_fd(x[, axis])

Katz Fractal Dimension.

petrosian_fd(x[, axis])

Petrosian fractal dimension.